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2nd Day Fasting!

It’s 4:10 P.M. and I just managed to avoid dinner! Wohoo! I feel so relieved ‘cause I’m more than positive that if I had eaten’ that fried fish and mashed potatoes 30 minutes ago, I’d be regretting it already.

2 more days like these, and I’ll so be ready for my Summer Vacation

3 more finals exams to go /=

4 days till I see Him <3

Fun Fact: Sitting and Standing in a correct posture doesn’t just increase your RMR by 10%, but you’ll feel more energetic too, and not as lazy!

Gonna do some serious cardio tonight or tomorrow morning before school

Stay Strong && Stay Skinny x!


hi new followers c: if you need anything, im always here for you <3

We love you too <3!
Have you tried Billy Blanks tae bo workouts? My favorite is BootCamp!

I have like 10 of his videos, I could e-mail them to you. You’ll be able to ‘see’ the difference after the first workout and they’re 30-60 minutes long

message me ( :!


one of my favorite quote(s) since joining the fitspo community


one of my favorite quote(s) since joining the fitspo community

Thankyou for the tip. It was a little fib, I have 56kcal left, so a little glass of milk will be perfect, thankyou<3

I’m here to help ( : Goodnight x!


Gonna see my BF in 5 days <3! I’m so excited (’ : It’s been like… 9 monthes since the last time I saw him /=

Okay, maybe I’m a bit nervous. Just a bit…

hey, I have an ed and I want to share diet tips and support eachother. so let me know :)

I’d love that!

It’s 11:00p.m. over here and I’ve fasted today the whole day, and I HAVE to fast for the next 4 days as well, so I really need support <3

what are your stats?


EXACTLY MY POINT! and basically everyone else’s here. This is why we do it!

Read this pleease x

I’m new here and I need help to get started please message me or follow me so I could follow back (:!

I’m 16, 5’2” and 89 lb

hopefully, I’ll be able to answer most of your questions <3!

Stay Skinny!


It’s 5:56 P.m. and I haven’t eaten anything. Yet. But that’s just ‘cause I binged yesterday ._. Hopefully I wont eat till Saturday ( : Meaning, fasting for the entire weekend

All I’ve had is:

one stick of sugar free gum (5 cals).

Green Tea and Water.

Cucumber (3 cals)

&& Iced Lemon Juice with no sugar. None. ‘Cause I think my cravings always increase when I use sub. sugar or artificial sweeteners, maybe it’s because when I do use them I use like 4 sachets a day! But I can’t help it when they’re caloric free (A)!


I danced like crazy for half an hour : D!

Pitbull’s new song “Back In Time” is just awesome x)!